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Leo Clubs

Leo Clubs

The Leo Club Program gives young people the opportunity to serve their communities and make a positive impact. They offer a great way to have fun, make new friends and develop valuable leadership skills.

If you're a Lion, consider sponsoring a Leo club in your community to engage youth and get the next generation of Lions ready to serve.

If you're a Leo, below you'll find resources for leading your club, planning projects, promoting your activities and more.

About Leos

Find the Leo club objective and motto, and read about Leo club history.

Learn more About Leos.

Leo Club Sponsors

Lions: Find resources for sponsoring a Leo club and acting as mentors and advisors to Leos in your community.

Learn more about Leo Club Sponsors.

Leo Projects

Get ideas for Leo service activities and projects.

Learn more about Leo Projects.

Leo Leadership

Find descriptions of Leo officer roles, as well as resources for running a club meeting, team building and addressing conflict.

Learn more about Leo Leadership.

Communicate Your Activities

Promote your Leo activities by creating a website, getting active on social media and sending out press releases.

Learn how to Communicate Your Activities.

Leo Club Advisory Panel

The Leo Club Program Advisory Panel is a communication vehicle for Leos and Lions to share their ideas about the Leo Club Program with Lions Clubs International.

Learn more about the Advisory Panel.

Leo Awards and Recognition

Lions Clubs International offers various rewards to recognize Leos and Lions active in the Leo Club Program.

Learn more about Awards and Recognition.

Leo to Lion Conversion

Graduating Leos, between the age of legal majority and through the age of 30, receive special benefits through the Leo to Lion Program. Be a Lion!

Learn more about the Leo to Lion Conversion.

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