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District & Multiple District Leo Chairpersons

District & Multiple District Leo Chairpersons

Leo club chairpersons contribute to the success of their districts through the promotion, development and continual support of Leo clubs.

Appointed at the district and multiple district level, Leo chairpersons encourage Leos and Leo club advisors to bring new energy, inspire fresh ideas for service and further develop the Leo Club Program.

Organize New Leo Clubs

Now through June 2018, all newly chartered Leo clubs will receive a limited edition Certificate of Organization and Centennial Leo Club Extension Certificates as part of the Lions Centennial Celebration. Encourage Lions clubs to charter new Leo clubs and foster the development of leaders for our organization's next century of service.

Support Existing Leo Clubs

District and multiple district Leo chairpersons can access MyLCI and view information on all Leo clubs within their districts, allowing them to:

  • Ensure all sponsoring Lions clubs report a Leo club advisor for the current fiscal year,
  • Find a new sponsor for Leo clubs with inactive sponsoring Lions clubs, and
  • Continue encouraging Leo clubs to report members and service activities in MyLCI.

For detailed instructions on how to navigate MyLCI and view Leo club information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Host Leadership Trainings

The Leo Club Advisor Training & Orientation is a resource designed to provide Leo club advisors with a clearer understanding of the Leo Club Program and the role of an advisor. Use this resource to host a workshop series for Leo club advisors in your area and promote it as a valuable reference for Lions involved in the program.

The Leo Leadership Grant Program provides funding for events focused on developing Leos' leadership skills. Download the Grant Application and Guidelines to learn more about organizing and hosting Leo leadership events.

Report Your Leo District or Multiple District

Lions districts with six or more Leo clubs may form a Leo district with the approval of the district govenor. Lions multiple districts with ten or more Leo clubs may form a Leo multilpe district with the approval of the council of governors. Leo membership within the multiple district must exceed 100.

To officially establish a Leo district or multiple district, Leo chairpersons must report the Leo district and multiple district officers each fiscal year. For help reporting a Leo district or multiple district via MyLCI, watch this brief online tutorial.

If your area does not use MyLCI, submit the Annual Report for Leo Districts and Multiple Districts (Leo-91).

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