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Leo to Lion Transition

Leo to Lion Transition

To continue making an impact and become a Lion, you must complete the Leo to Lion Certification Form. Build upon your leadership skills and make a difference in your community! 

Current and Former Leos, between the age of legal majority and through age 30 who have been a Leo for at least a year and a day, can join an existing Lions club or charter a new Lions club. All former Leos receive a charter/entrance fee waiver, and former Leos between the age of legal majority and through age 30 pay half international dues. Plus, all Leo years of service will also be included in your Lions membership record.

Join an Existing Club

Continue answering the needs that challenge your community and those around the world by joining an existing Lions club. To find an existing Lions club:

  • Use the club locator to find a club in your area and contact the club president
  • Complete the Leo to Lion Transfer Form and a Global Membership Team leader will contact you with potential clubs in your area.

Charter a New Club

Start a new Lions club and take advantage of the opportunity to choose your own service projects. If you charter a Leo Lions club with other current or former Leos, then the other young adults you recruit, through age 30, also receive the charter/entrance fee waiver and pay half international dues. Or, consider forming a club branch if you want to form a new club but have less than 20 members. Convert your branch into a Lions club or Leo Lions club once you reach 20 members.

For More Information

For more information about the Leo to Lion Program, contact Membership Operations.

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