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Leo Projects and Promotions

Leo Projects and Promotions

Leo clubs make local communities better places to live. And they matter locally, because people know that they can count on Leos to pitch in. Leo clubs can work on a diverse array of community service projects, whether the focus is on improving eyesight or providing help halfway around the world.

Getting Started

When organizing a project, Leo clubs should:

  • Identify a Community Need: A good place to start may be a food or clothing drive. Or, consider if the community needs a new playground, nature trail or recycling center. 
  • Contact other Community Organizers: Verify that other organizations or government agencies are not currently undertaking this project or planning to do so in the near future. 
  • Calculate Costs: Assess the current financial and membership resources within the club. If needed, consider creating a joint project with another Leo club or with the sponsoring Lions club. 
  • Complete the Details: Establish a timeline. Obtain permission from the school and legal clearance or permission from local authorities, if necessary. Obtain all necessary supplies. 
  • Publicize the Project: Inform the media about the project. Submit details about the activity to local newspapers, radio stations and television stations in advance. 

Once a year, your Leo club should assess the programs and services you provide to your local community. Utilize the Community Needs Assessment to help you determine your next Leo service project. 

Project Ideas

Find Leo project ideas below, or visit the Serve! section of the Lions website for more resources.

Global Service Action Campaigns

Change the world and bring a spark to your club by participating in Lions Clubs International’s four themed service campaigns:

  • Engaging our Youth (August): Invite other youth in your area to participate in a service project. Projects may include school or community facility cleanups or a visit to a children’s hospital. Allowing youth to develop and lead a service project enables them to learn skills while emphasizing the role of service.
  • Sharing the Vision (October): Plan vision health projects and work with the visually impaired.  Many Leos and Lions already celebrate World Sight Day in October. This is a great month to organize a vision screening, volunteer at a nearby Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, organize an eyeglass collection or an activity to benefit the visually impaired in your community.
  • Relieving the Hunger (December/January): Organize food drives and projects to feed the hungry. With the downturn in the global economy, many hunger relief organizations are finding it difficult to keep up with demand. Help alleviate hunger by planning events around the end and beginning of the calendar year to collect and distribute food.
  • Protecting our Environment (April): Implement projects that improve and protect the environment. Organize a highway clean up, plant trees or plan a community “Earth Day” event to collect recyclables such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, used cell phones and batteries.

Spotlight on Children

Every day, millions of children around the world miss out on the joy of childhood. Instead of playing with toys, they deal with poverty, malnutrition and disabilities. That's why Leo clubs take part in Spotlight on Children, the international service project of Leo club. Spotlight on Children projects give Leos the opportunity to enrich the lives of children by:

  • Collecting food and clothes for local street children
  • Repairing playgrounds
  • Implementing after-school tutoring programs
  • Visiting children in hospitals
  • Raising funds for immunization programs

Through service activities like these, Leo clubs bring hope and laughter to needy children around the globe.

Promote Your Activities

Public relations involves all forms of communication, such as maintaining a club website and distributing promotional flyers. Equally important are actions and social activities often taken for granted, such as wearing a lapel pin and marching in a parade. Informing the community that your club built the park or collected the eyeglasses will help foster community support. By actively promoting your club and its worthwhile activities, you'll be projecting a positive image in the community and showing that your club is worth joining.

Interested in promoting your activities and programs? Online tools and resources are available to help. Review the online PR Guide to learn more about public relations, access sample materials and develop your communications and PR plan.

Other resources include:

  • Sample news releases you can complete and send with photos of your activities to local media outlets.

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