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Associate Members

Associate Members

Associate Members are club members who have a primary membership in one club but have a relationship with a club in another community.  Oftentimes the Associate Member has residences in two cities or has a residence in one community and works in another community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose to be an Associate Member?

An Associate Member can participate in multiple Lions Clubs.

How did I become an Associate Member without requesting it?

This is usually the outcome when a member transfers from one club to another via MyLCI before he or she has been dropped from their former club.  In an effort to ensure that the former club can stay in contact with the transferred member, an Associate Member record is automatically created.

Does an Associate Member pay club dues?

Associate members pay dues to their club of primary membership.

How do I add or drop an Associate Member?

Associate members can only be added or dropped by Headquarters staff.  Contact to add or drop an Associate Member.

Who can answer my questions about Associate Membership in a club?

Contact the Member Service Center at 630-203-3830 or by email to resolve questions about Associate Membership.

Excerpt from LCI Board Policy regarding Associate Member

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: A member who holds his/her primary membership in another Lions club but maintains a residence or is employed in the community served by this club. This status may be conferred by the invitation of the board of directors and shall be reviewed annually. The club shall not report an Associate Member on its Membership and Activities Report.

An Associate Member may be eligible to vote on club matters, at meetings where he/she is present in person, but may not represent the club as a delegate at district (single, sub-, provisional and/or multiple) or international conventions. He/she shall not be eligible to hold club, district or international office, nor district, multiple district or international committee assignments through this club. International and district (single, sub-, provisional and/or multiple) dues shall not be assessed on the Associate; PROVIDED, however, nothing shall prevent this club from assessing an Associate such dues as it shall deem proper. This membership category shall not be included in the club delegate formula calculation.

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