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Club Excellence Awards

Club Excellence Awards

CentennialThe Club Excellence Award has provided clubs with guidance and goals that expand their service and strengthen the effectiveness of club management. It is more than an award…it helps our association build stronger clubs and stronger communities!

Qualifying clubs will receive a Club Excellence Award pin for the club president and a handsome banner patch.

Elements of Excellence

1.    Service – Complete three service projects

Humanitarian service, whether in your local community or globally, is what Lions are all about. Your club may have existing projects that have become a tradition, or perhaps you are ready to try something new, either way, when your club has completed three service projects, your club has fulfilled the service requirement for the Club Excellence Award!

Ideas to consider!

  • Centennial Service Challenge Campaigns  - Four global campaigns focus on youth, vision, hunger and the environment.  This link provides project ideas, planning guides, press releases and call to action materials.
  • While participating in the campaigns, you may wish to consider providing assistance to children in need by donating basic necessities such as food and clothing, conducting  vision screenings, doing repairs at a children’s shelter or implementing a Reading Action Program project such as reading to children or providing children with new books.
  • Planning Projects – There are many needs that are unique to your community. Discover them by utilizing the Community Needs Assessment or Making It Happen publications to rediscover the service your club can provide!

2.    Donation to LCIF – Expand your club’s humanitarian reach!

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) provides Lions clubs with an opportunity to make a global impact. Grants support both local and global humanitarian initiatives that are too large for individual clubs or districts to undertake themselves.  A donation, large or small, fulfills the donation requirement for the Excellence Award. Making a donation is easy. Visit the LCIF website to choose an area that your club would like to support and make a donation on-line.

3.    Membership Development – Have a net increase of one member!

Of course members are needed to support projects and events.  To qualify for the Excellence Award, your club needs a net increase of only one member or sponsor a new Lions club.  Establish a Club Membership Development Plan to help your club reach new membership goals and utilize the tools below to help your club recruit members and keep them involved and engaged.

  • Just Ask – Encourage your members to “just ask” by applying these simple but successful techniques for recruiting enthusiastic new members!
  • The Club Quality Initiative – Helps your club reach its potential through exercises designed to refresh and refocus your club to increase participation and activity.
  • Membership Satisfaction Guide – Are your club members satisfied? This guide has helpful tips for reaching your member’s expectations.
  • Start a New Club – Resources to help charter and support new club development.
  • All new members must be offered timely and meaningful new member induction ceremonies and attend a new member orientation. A proven step to better member retention.
  • District Assistance – Contact your District Governor Team or Global Membership Team Coordinator for more information about local membership initiatives.

4.    Communication – Complete any of the following!

Keeping your members and the public aware of your activities increases participation and visibility.  There are several tools available to assist your club, including a free web-site! Take advantage of any of these ideas, or develop your own strategies, to fulfill the requirement for the Excellence Award.

  • Club websites: e-clubhouse – Launch or maintain this free website (or one you designed on your own) to keep your members connected.
  • Public Relations Guide – Apply the ideas provided in the guide to help your club get the recognition it deserves. The guide includes sample press releases, public service announcements and more.
  • Brochures and materials – Promote membership and involvement by distributing professionally designed brochures and materials. Great for special occasions and community events.

5.    Leadership Development – Proper elections, attend officer training and attend zone meetings!

To qualify for the award, all officer positions must be filled by qualified Lions in accordance with the constitution and by-laws. The club must also be represented during zone meetings  and a majority of the club officers must have participated in a leadership training program. The training could include training offered at a zone, district, multiple district or International event, courses offered online from the Lions Learning Center, participation in a Club Quality Initiative Workshop or completion of the Certified Guiding Lion course. Additional offerings are mentioned below.  Establish a Club Leadership Development Plan to make sure your members take advantage of the training that is available.

  • Lions Learning Center – The online resource offers vital information for developing personal leadership skills. Topics include managing others, achieving results, and excellence in communication.  These courses can be applied to the Leadership Development requirement for the Club Excellence Award!
  • Officer training – Online officer training counts toward the award too! Officer specific training helps make serving as a club officer easier by demonstrating how club leaders can accomplish their tasks effectively.
  • Zone Meetings – Quarterly zone meetings feature personal support and provide a forum for exchanging practical and locally adapted service and management ideas.
  • Conventions – District, multiple district, and International events bring a new perspective from a broader range of Lions that add to the fun and fellowship that are natural to Lions.
  • District Training – Be sure to contact your District Governor Team and your Global Leadership Team Coordinator to find out more about local events.

6.    Club Activity – The club must meet regularly and submit the membership report, service activity report, and club officer report for the incoming year.

Submitting these reports are easy thanks to the advancement of MyLCI. Utilize this advanced membership system to complete officer reports, membership reports and club activity reports.

7.    Club Maintains Good Standing

To fully participate in Lions activity, your club must be in good standing at the end of the fiscal year. To be in good standing the club cannot be in status quo and all International dues billings and new member entrance fees need to be paid in full. No more than US$50 in any other expense due to LCI can be outstanding beyond ninety (90) days. To check your club’s outstanding balance, go to online statements located on the LCI website. Instructions for making payments can also be found on-line.

Next Step!

Finish the above steps to excellence and you have reached the goals of the Excellence Award!

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