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Strides Banner Patch Award

Strides Banner Patch Award

Lions Clubs International will recognize a Lions club with a free Strides Banner Patch Award if the club has met the following conditions:  

  • hosted a Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness event that promotes healthy exercise such as walking, running, cycling, dancing, skating, yoga, zumba or other healthy exercise activity.

  • assisted another Lions club(s) in organizing and conducting a Strides event;

  • fulfilled the award criteria and

  • reported the Strides event online in MyLCI by selecting the category “Strides Walk” on the Service Activity Report (SAR).

The current Lions club president will receive the banner patch award for the club’s first reported Strides event in each fiscal year. Each club may receive only one banner patch per fiscal year.  

For further information or questions, contact Programs and Service Initiatives:

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