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Zone and Region Awards

Zone and Region Awards

Presidential Zone and Region Chairperson Award Criteria

As a zone or region chairperson you hold an essential role and have a tremendous opportunity to help the clubs in your area advance their service, increase membership and achieve their goals. The Presidential Award for Zone and Region Chairpersons was developed to support your efforts!

The award is more than recognition for your effort…it is designed to help everyone succeed.

By following the steps outlined in the award criteria, you will become more aware of the programs available, help your clubs achieve their goals and participate in activities that will advance your own skills as a Lion leader.  

Timing is everything!

The requirements are scheduled in a way that optimizes the resources mentioned. Make your plans early and achieve the requirements as suggested throughout the year so every day counts!

To Qualify

The region chairperson must be recorded through the MyLCI site or via application with Lions Clubs International to qualify. See the application for more information.



For more ideas and information, contact the English Language Department.

Fiscal Year 2016-17
Zone Awards
Region Awards

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