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GMT Integration

GMT Integration

Council Chairperson

The multiple district council chairperson is the administrative facilitator of the multiple district.

This position is part of the multiple district GMT and the council chair should support MD-coordinators in their essential functions.

District Governor Team   

The district governor is the chief administrative officer of the district and serves as the district governor team leader.

The first vice district governor assists the governor with membership development, the chartering of new clubs and the promotion of district events.

The second vice district governor assists the governor with membership retention and increasing the awareness among Lions about the association’s various programs.

These positions are part of the district GMT and the district governor team should support district coordinators in their essential functions.

Region and Zone Chairs

The region chairperson is chosen for outstanding leadership ability. The region chairperson is not an honorary officer, but a Lion officer of first importance. Regions usually have 9-16 clubs. The region chairperson is an optional position.

The zone chairperson is the link between the clubs in the zone and the district leadership team. This officer motivates, counsels, and communicates with clubs. Zones generally have between 4 to 8 clubs.

These positions are part of the district GMT, and the region and zone chairpersons should support district coordinators in their essential functions, especially in chartering new clubs in their region/zone.

Club Membership Chairperson

The club membership chairperson increases membership by Inviting for Impact and increasing membership satisfaction within their club utilizing the tools and resources provided by LCI and their district GMT leaders.

Global Leadership Team   

The Global Leadership Team (GLT) provides the needed focus on active leadership development, affording Lions Clubs International a solid foundation upon which to build. The GLT encourages the identification and development of leaders at all levels of the association, while providing necessary information, guidance and motivation.

Operating as a parallel, mutually supportive specialized team with the Global Membership Team (GMT), the GLT provides for an enhanced focus on and support of leadership development, which is critical to the success of every LCI program and to the future vitality of the association as a whole.

Centennial Action Committee/Coordinators

The Centennial Action Committee advises and assists the Board of Directors in the formulation and implementation of Centennial plans. Centennial Coordinators, in collaboration with GLT and GMT representatives, encourage and support Centennial success in their clubs, districts, and multiple districts.

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