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Start a New Club

Start a New Club

You see a community in need. You remember the faces of people you have impacted through community service. You want give others the opportunity to make a real difference. You know that Lions is the world's largest community service club organization.

Start a new Lions club today!

We offer several club types so you can charter a club that fits your member’s lifestyle.

  • Traditional clubs are the most common club type, and offer a group of people flexibility when serving their community. Consider chartering a club based on members common interests such as a hobby, profession or ethnicity. Often, a shared interest brings even greater energy to a group of Lions.
  • A Club Branch allows a small group of people to start a club before they have reached the 20 person charter requirement so they can start making a difference in their community sooner.
  • Campus clubs make an impact on your local college or university community while connecting students, faculty members and business leaders. Campus clubs offer students the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and build their resume.

To charter a new club, you will need:

  • 20 or more charter members
  • A sponsoring club, zone, region, district cabinet or district committee
  • Completed charter application and report of charter members to be submitted at MyLCI
  • Your current district governor's approval
  • Appropriate charter fees and certification forms

Tools for Success:

request kit

Get Recognized for Club Sponsorship

  • Centennial Celebration Membership Awards: Earn Limited Edition awards for sponsoring a new club.
    Club Sponsor Banner Patch: Clubs that sponsor a new club receive a commemorative banner patch.
  • Club Excellence Award: Sponsoring a new club or club branch goes towards the qualifications necessary to receive the Club Excellence Award.
  • District Governor Team Excellence Award: Chartering a new club goes towards the qualifications necessary to receive the DG Team Excellence Award.

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