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New Club Development Resources for Districts

New Club Development Resources for Districts

Congratulations on taking the first step in learning how to charter a new club!

The next step is for the club organizer to work closely with the consultant on the logistics of the training and the district's objectives. Prior to the training, the following must be completed:

  1. The district governor shall assign two guiding Lions, preferably certified guiding Lions.  These GLs are strongly encouraged to attend the training.
  2. Review and complete the Club Organizer Checklist below.
  3. Schedule meetings with community leaders to inform and invite them to become a member.
  4. Print recruiting flyers with details of the informational meeting to display before the training.

New Club Development Training Resources


If after eight weeks your club has not been chartered, your district agrees to submit paperwork for a club branch while continuing to recruit the minimum of 20 members needed to charter.

If you need additional assistance, please contact the GMT Regional Specialist Staff.

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