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Club Membership Chairperson

Club Membership Chairperson

Membership in a Lions club is about providing meaningful service to one’s community, and having fun with other Lions.  The position of club membership chairperson is important to the health and vitality of your Lions club and its ability to serve the community. Click below to download the Club Membership Chairperson Guide to learn about your responsibilities.

Download Membership Chair Guide

In addition, LCI provides the following resources to assist you:

Membership Satisfaction

  • The Membership Satisfaction Guide will help ensure your members are getting the experience they expect from your club.
  • The How Are Your Ratings? Survey is an easy tool to get input from club members. Follow the directions to conduct the survey, determine the results and create an action plan.
  • The Club Excellence Process (CEP) is a fun, interactive workshop designed to help all clubs achieve their true potential.
  • The Lions Mentoring Program is a program of personal development to help your members realize the potential of their unique skills and knowledge. The mentoring program prepares them for leadership in Lions and in their personal lives as well.

Membership Recruiting

  • The Just Ask! New Member Recruiting Guide is designed to guide your club through the process of recruiting new members and effectively manage club growth.
  • New Member Orientation provides a foundation for your new members by helping them understand how your club functions, what their roles will be, and what the big picture of their district, multiple district and LCI is.
  • The Membership Opportunities Flyer will provide you with information about all of the membership types and categories available.


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