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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

Please contact with any questions.

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Information for PR Chairperson

Information for PR Chairperson

What are the Public Relations Chairperson's responsibilities?

Though PR is every Lion's responsibility, the PR chairperson is in charge of the following:

  • Communicating information about your club to the community, including the media.
  • Keeping your club aware of PR efforts and results.

Getting Started

  • Set Goals: Review your club's previous efforts. Evaluate what worked, what didn't and why.
  • Determine the PR Budget for the Year: Effective public relations programs can be done on a limited budget. Be sure to budget for both ongoing public relations efforts and special events.
  • Plan Ahead: Planning and timely execution are vital for your public relations efforts.
  • Create a Timeline: Determine how and when you will promote your club and when you will start publicity for your club's special events. But be flexible-newsworthy activities may come up during the year.
  • Discuss Your Plan: Meet with your club president and the chairpersons of your club's various events and projects.
  • Be Persistent: Keeping your club visible in the community isn't something that will happen overnight; it takes time.
  • Keep a Record: Note to whom and when you sent news releases and who used them. Save articles about your club. Include the publication's name and issue date on the clipping. Record broadcasts of interviews and other radio and television, and share it with your club.
  • Inform Your Club: Report regularly on your publicity efforts and results at club meetings. Write articles about public relations activities and results for your club newsletter. Explain how your club benefits from good public relations.

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