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Development Programs

Development Programs

Learning is a lifelong process and Lions Clubs International believes all leaders can benefit from training. In support of this idea, LCI provides a variety of development opportunities where current and future leaders can enhance their leadership skills. The GLT has determined the types of institutes best suited for their respective Constitutional Area. Not all institute types (ALLI, ELLI, and FDI) are available for Lions in every constitutional area.

Advanced Lions Leadership Institutes

Training to prepare Lions for leadership positions at the district level

Faculty Development Institutes
Training dedicated to the development and expansion of skilled Lions faculty

Faculty Development Excellence Series

A webinar series program designed to support the continued development of skilled Lions faculty who are graduates of an LCI-hosted Faculty Development Institute.

Emerging Lions Leadership Institutes

Training to prepare Lions for leadership positions at the club level

Regional Lions Leadership Institutes

A funding and curriculum program to provide support for training at the multiple district level

District Governors-Elect Seminar

A training and orientation seminar for district governors-elect

Multiple District Funding Support Program

This program offers support for the training of first and second vice district governors at the multiple district level.

GLT District Funding Support Program

This program offers funding to support the training of zone chairpersons within the district.

Leadership Webinars

Webinars are virtual trainings generally one hour long that are conducted online with a group of participants and instructors

  • Webinar Tutorial – How to Be a Participant

    Unsure what a webinar is and how to participate in one?  Click here to experience an interactive tutorial that explains what a webinar is and the necessary steps to participate in a webinar.  By the end of this tutorial you will be more confident in registering for a webinar, logging in, and becoming an active participant.

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