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Global Leadership Team Activities

Global Leadership Team Activities

Identify and Develop  Future Leaders

  • Identify potential leaders based on objective criteria
  • Educate members about leadership development opportunities
  • Encourage potential leaders to assume leadership roles and responsibilities to enhance their skills
  • Promote the active involvement of Lions Leadership Institute graduates and other trained Lions in leadership responsibilities
  • Motivate Lions to seek out proven leaders in the community to join as new  members

Train, Educate, Mentor and Motivate Leaders to Maximize Effectiveness

  • Establish annual leadership development plan
  • Ensure effective delivery of vice district governor training
  • Organize training for zone chairpersons, guiding Lions and others
  • Ensure effective delivery of club officer training
  • Implement Club Excellence Process workshops
  • Encourage active coaching through Lions Mentoring Program

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common
people to attain uncommon results
Andrew Carnegie
Industrialist and Philanthropist

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