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Global Leadership Team Coordinator Center

Global Leadership Team Coordinator Center

Leadership is critical to the future of Lions Clubs International.

As a Global Leadership Team multiple district or district coordinator, you play an important role in identifying potential Lion leaders and in ensuring the delivery of quality training and development programs. Your efforts, as a key member of the GLT, will positively impact our association, assuring our position as the global leader in providing needed community service for many years to come. Below are resources to help you

Coordinator Guides & Leader Network Newsletter

  • GLT-MD Resource Guide / GLT-D Resource Guide – A comprehensive guide designed to support the efforts of the GLT Coordinators.
  • Leadership Trends is published quarterly and provides information regarding leadership events, news, resources for all Lions.

Assessment, Planning & Reporting Tools

Funding & Training Support Resources

GLT Coordinator Appointment & Recognition Resources

Additional Leadership Development Resources

  • Leadership Resource Center – Contains information on additional resources to support the development of Lions leaders
  • Webinars – Currently available in English and Spanish, webinars allow participants from around the world to learn about and discuss topics that help improve clubs and make an impact.

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