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GLT District Funding Support Program

GLT District Funding Support Program

The success of Zone Chairperson training is contingent upon the active involvement and support of all involved, especially the GLT at the district level.  By providing this key training opportunity, you are helping to insure the development of strong clubs and effective leaders.  The ultimate result will be a more vibrant future for Lions Clubs International.

The GLT District Funding Support Program offers funding to support training of zone chairpersons.  All GLT-D coordinators on record with LCI are eligible to apply for this funding by submitting to LCI a 2016-2017 District Leadership Development Plan which includes zone chairperson training.  Eligible expenses will be reimbursed in an amount up to US$ 200 per district per year.

For more details on this funding support program, please refer to the 2016-2017 District Funding Support Program Fact Sheet or email should you have any questions.

2016-2017 District Funding Support Reimbursement Policy
2016-2017 Leadership Development Funding Reimbursement Form

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