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Global Leadership Team

Global Leadership Team

Assessment, Planning & Reporting Tools

  • Multiple District Leadership Assessment / District Leadership Assessment - This assessment tool confirms existing training and leadership development and identifies opportunities for expansion and improvement.
  • Lions Leadership Profile Tool – A checklist designed to identify potential Lions leaders and track their development. You can use this form to record past experiences and to indicate opportunities for development that have been suggested and acted upon.
  • Share your leadership success story - As a GLT Coordinator, your efforts will benefit Lions around the world. Your training and development successes will inspire Lions to join you in the pursuit of Lions leadership excellence.

Funding & Training Support Resources

Additional Leadership Development Resources

  • Leadership Resource Center - Contains information on additional resources to support the development of Lions leaders
  • Webinars - Currently available in English and Spanish, webinars allow participants from around the world to learn about and discuss topics that help improve clubs and make an impact.

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