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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

Please contact with any questions.

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Lions Logo Color Guidelines

Lions Logo Color Guidelines

Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a popular color matching system used by the printing industry to print spot colors. Most applications that support color printing allow you to specify colors by indicating the Pantone name or number. This assures that you get the right color when the file is printed, even though the color may not look right when displayed on your monitor. The following are specified Pantone colors for Lion logos.

Lions Official Logo – One Color
PMS 287

Lions Official Logo Two Color
PMS 287 and PMS 7406

Leo Logo

Alpha Leo Logo (red)

  • PMS 208 C
  • CMYK 
  • RGB 138.27.28 
  • Hex #8a1b1c

Omega Leo Logo (blue)

  • PMS 3025 C
  • CMYK 
  • RGB 28.75.94 
  • Hex #1c4b5e

Leo Logo (platinum)

  • PMS 415 C
  • CMYK 
  • RBG 129.130.124 
  • Hex #81827c

Environmental Photo Contest
PMS 347


PMS 301 (blue), PMS 221 (maroon) and PMS 123 (gold)

International President's Logo 
Uses a blend of colors using the official Lions colors

World Sight Day

4 color

Strides Walk for Diabetes
PMS 287 and PMS 7406

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