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Electronic Dissemination of Lions Clubs Emblem

Electronic Dissemination of Lions Clubs Emblem

Any reproduction of the Lions Clubs International emblem or other emblems of Lions Clubs International may be downloaded by Lions members from the official format of the emblems provided on the association's Web site. These are the only emblems that may reproduced electronically or otherwise, including sites on the World Wide Web and other areas on the Internet.

  • Downloaded (or those procured electronically) official emblems may only be used according to the emblem use policy of Lions Clubs International. Generally, Lions clubs and districts have license to use the emblem on Web pages, stationery and other printed material.
  • No Lion, Lions club or Lions district may use the association's emblem on any item sold to Lions or the general public for fundraising purposes.
  • No manufacturer, printer, producer, promoter, publisher, entrepreneur may use the association's name, goodwill, trademarks, service marks or the Lions Clubs International emblem in any manner except upon license granted by the association.

For information about securing a license, contact the association's General Counsel at (630) 571-5466, ext 299 or e-mail or contact the Club Supplies and Distribution Division at (630) 571-5466, ext 252 or e-mail at

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