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Leo Forms and Publications

Leo Forms and Publications

Download forms and publications for Leo clubs.


Leo Club Resources

Leo Program Awards


  • Leo Club Organization Report (leo51.pdf)
  • Leo Club Officers and Membership Report (leo72.pdf)
  • Annual Leo District/MD Report (leo91.pdf)
  • Alpha Leo Membership Application (leo50a.pdf)
  • Omega Leo Membership Application (leo50o.pdf)
  • Leo of the Year Application (loy.pdf)
  • Leo Club Excellence Application (leo105.pdf)
  • Spotlight on Children Award Application (leo-s.pdf)
  • Serving Together Award Application (leo-st.pdf)
  • Advisor 5-Year of Service Award Application (leo307.pdf)
  • Leo to Lion Certification and Years of Service Transfer Form (ll2.pdf)
  • Leo Club Termination Form (leo86.pdf)

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