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Community Culture Programs

Community Culture Programs

Culture is the expression of characteristics specific to a particular group or region.  Culture promotes the formation of community bonds, the development of artistic achievement and the continued transfer of knowledge from one generation to another.

As an international organization with a strong global presence, Lions clubs represent cultures from every corner of the globe.  To celebrate diversity in our communities, you can support an existing culture project or choose to develop new culture project ideas. 

Cultural activities can include:

Visual Arts Projects

  • Arrange public art exhibits.
  • Sponsor a photography contest.
  • Provide support for local artists/art leagues.
  • Commission new public art for the community.
  • Arrange an art auction as a club fundraiser.  

Dance Projects

  • Organize a local dance recital. The dancers could be students or local professionals.
  • Invite recognized dance troupes to your community.
  • Sponsor a trip to a professional dance event for student dancers.
  • Arrange a dance contest for dancers of all ages. Present prizes to the best dancers in different age categories.
  • Sponsor a formal dance for the elderly.

Food Projects

  • Arrange a food festival featuring local fare.
  • Publish a cookbook of local cuisine.
  • Provide financial assistance for a student of food science.
  • Create a fundraising meal; for example, a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner.

Recreation Projects

  • Support a local sports team.                                                                                  
  • Volunteer to help with Special Olympics events.                                                      
  • Provide sports equipment to a local sports league.                                            
  • Sponsor an outing to a local sports event.                                                            
  • Build or maintain a local park, nature trail, sensory park, etc.                              
  • Volunteer to build or repair playground equipment for public parks. 
  • Organize a sports tournament as a fundraiser.

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