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Diabetes is increasing worldwide. The number of people living with diabetes is more than 422 million and is expected to affect over 642 million by 2040. (World Health Organization). Lions conduct and support local and large-scale efforts leading to the control and treatment of diabetes and its complications through education, prevention and research.

Here are resources and project ideas that can help you make a difference in your community:

Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness

Strides events include walking, dancing, cycling and running. They promote diabetes awareness and healthy exercise for people with diabetes or for those at risk for the disease.

Learn more about planning a Strides event.

Diabetes Screenings

The purpose of diabetes screening is to identify asymptomatic individuals who may have diabetes and not know it, and to refer them to qualified health care professionals for additional assessment.

Learn how to organize a Diabetes Screening.

Diabetes Partnerships and Organizations

Expand your community reach. Work with local diabetes organizations and Lions diabetes partners to:

  • Provide community awareness and education programs
  • Conduct diabetes screenings
  • Improve greater access to health care, community support and diabetes management for those in need

Learn more about Diabetes Partners and Organizations.

Diabetes Resources

Download diabetes brochures, flyers, handouts and other publications to help raise awareness in your community.

Learn more about Diabetes Resources.

Diabetes Chairperson

Organize diabetes service projects and activities in your area by becoming a diabetes chairperson in your club, district or multiple district.

Learn more about the responsibilities of the Diabetes Chairperson.

LCIF Core 4 Diabetes Funding

This program awards multi-year grants for large-scale Lions efforts to support the expansion and enhancement of diabetes education, prevention and treatment programs.

Learn more about the Core 4 Diabetes grant criteria and application.

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Diabetes Special Days and Events

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