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Diabetes Resources

Diabetes Resources

Use these club and community resources to learn more about diabetes and get involved with diabetes projects in your community. 

For Club Awareness and Education

Conduct a club educational session with the following resources. All can be downloaded, with the exception of the diabetes program brochure. The brochure is available for purchase through Club Supplies.

  • Club Hands-on Awareness Activity (wwwsd1)
  • Club Education Meeting Flyer (wwwsd2)
  • Diabetes Education PowerPoint Presentation (wwwsd3)
  • Diabetes PowerPoint Presentation – Speaker Notes (wwwsd4)
  • 25 Project Ideas for Diabetes (gst1A)
  • Diabetes program brochure

For Community Awareness and Education

Many publications have been co-branded with LCI partners (USA) to be distributed in your community. All can be downloaded and printed. 
NOTE: The diabetes brochure and bookmarks are available for purchase from Club Supplies. Please allow a minimum of ten [10] business days for delivery of these publications.

  • It’s Not Too Late to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes [English only] (iad312)
  • Taking Care of Your Diabetes Means Taking Care of Your Heart [English only] (iad325)
  • Tips for Teens: Be Active [English only] (iad309)
  • Tips for Teens: What is Diabetes [English only] (iad313)
  • Tips for Teens: Stay at a Healthy Weight [English only] (iad310)
  • Tips for Teens: Dealing With the Ups & Downs of Diabetes [English only] (iad308)
  • Print Service Announcement: Two Reasons I Find Time to Prevent Diabetes [English only] (iad328)
  • Lions Eye Health Program (LEHP)

Two colorful bookmarks are available to order from Club Supplies:

  • Diabetes Bookmark –  "Information" theme
  • Diabetes Bookmark –  “Help Someone” theme

More Information and Resources

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