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Planning environment projects is a great way to get the entire community involved in your service activity. Organize hands-on projects that protect the environment for a cleaner, healthier, brighter future.

Tree Planting

Every tree planted by a Lion is part of a large scale effort by members around the world to make a significant impact on the environment.

Learn more about Tree Planting.


Lions environmental efforts occur at Lions club, district and multiple district level, as well as in the homes of environmentally-conscious Lions.

Learn more about Recycling.

Community Clean Up

Improve the environment and work alongside Lions, Leos and members of the community on a "hands-on" high-visibility service project. 

Learn more about Community Clean Up Projects.

Environmental Education

Inform the public about the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

Learn more about Environmental Education.

Environment Chairperson

Organize environmental service projects in your area by becoming a Lions Clubs environmental chairperson.

Learn more about the responsibilities of the Environment Chairperson.

Download the Lions Green Team Kit:

To purchase these materials, complete and submit an order form.

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Protecting Our Environment Global Service Action Campaign

Plan a Protecting Our Environment project during the month of April, or at any time during the year, and report your activity via MyLCI as a part of our #LIONS100 Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 million people by 2018!

Lions Environmental Photo Contest

Submit an original photo and portray your pride and commitment to improving, protecting and preserving the environment.

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