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Keeping with the "We Serve" motto, Lions from different countries often work together to provide support to impoverished communities that have limited access to clean water, food, education, and healthcare services.  

By organizing specialized medical and humanitarian missions, Lions clubs are able to share resources and expertise in order to improve the quality of life for hundreds of communities around the world and empower them to overcome the many challenges that affect their daily lives. 

Ongoing Lions missions projects include:

  • Medical camps and clinics organized in collaboration with local healthcare providers
  • Construction and renovation of schools, clinics, hospitals, homes, and other facilities
  • Installment of community water wells and clean water systems

The following segment of the Lions Quarterly Magazine shows how Lions from the US and Honduras are working together to provide eyeglasses and sight-related services to underserved communities in Honduras

Missions Resources

Lions with training and experience in a specialized field such as healthcare, education, or water/natural resources can be invaluable in meeting the needs of underserved communities. Whether this means volunteering time to offer direct services or donating missions resources and materials, there are many ways Lions can help.

Mission trips organized in collaboration between two or more clubs from different countries provide a great opportunity for Lions to share resources, exchange ideas, form friendships, and learn something new while working together to serve communities in need.     

The following materials were developed to assist Lions in planning short- or long-term mission trips:

For More Information

Contact us to connect with other Lions who are active in missions. 

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