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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

Please contact with any questions.

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A Service Model for the 21st Century

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Lions Service Areas
We Serve.

The Global Service Framework focuses the efforts of Lions and Leos on five service areas with the goal of tripling our humanitarian impact by serving 200 million people per year by 2021. The Global Service Framework complements all of the great ways clubs serve locally, and gives Lions and Leos new opportunities to help meet the growing challenges facing humanity.

No matter how you choose to serve, Lions matter now more than ever!

LCI Forward

Our vision is to be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.

How We’re Doing it

We’re changing lives and improving communities by engaging in service programs all over the globe.
We’re tackling large-scale humanitarian challenges with the help of grant funding opportunities from LCIF.
We’re partnering with global organizations to expand the scope and impact of our service activities.
We’re safeguarding the future of service by advocating for legislative protections at local, regional and national levels.
Engaging Youth
We’re building on our tradition of supporting youth by developing new ways to engage them as partners and leaders in service.
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