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Community Service

Community Service

Lions Crew at Work community service projects are hands-on service projects for active Lions. Ideas for community service projects can include: 

  • Improving schools.
  • Remodeling non-profit community centers.
  • Painting shelters for homeless persons or battered women.
  • Updating food pantries.
  • Repairing summer camps for disabled children.
  • Painting/repairing public parks or playgrounds.
  • Building new community facilities for persons in need.

Lions Crew at Work community service projects are high-visibility initiatives that illustrate the "We Serve" Lions motto. Lions Crew at Work volunteer service projects will likely attract onlookers – all potential new Lions club members.

In addition to a Lions Crew at Work service project, consider organizing a food, clothing, book or toy collection. This will involve the entire community in the Lions Crew at Work community service project.

Organize a Community Service Project

To implement a Lions Crew at Work project, first:

  • Evaluate community needs.
  • Partner with local organizations.
  • Determine the best project for the community.
  • Outline a plan. Include procedures, materials needed, and costs.
  • Submit the plan and budget to the Lions club, district, or multiple district for approval.

Once approved:

  • Request volunteers – both Lions and non-Lions – to serve on the project committee.
  • Obtain legal permits for the project.
  • Promote the event in advance.
  • Request volunteer manpower and donated materials from throughout the community. These persons (local government, civic and business leaders, tradesmen, friends, and neighbors) and companies (local retailers and corporations) may become project sponsors and/or new club members.
  • The project will provide an opportunity for the entire community to fulfill the "We Serve" motto as they work together for a common cause.
  • Advise all volunteers to wear protective clothing and eyewear for the project.
  • Create a large Lions-logo sign for the project.
  • Invite the media to witness a Lions Crew at Work project.


The Lions Crew at Work Kit materials include:

To purchase these materials, complete and submit an order form.

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