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Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Lions community outreach service activities address needs identified through informal discussions among club and community members, or through formal community needs assessments. They improve the civic, cultural and social welfare of communities.

Community Service

Lions Crew at Work community service projects are hands-on service projects for active Lions.

Learn more about Community Service.

Community Culture Programs

Cultural projects promote visual arts, performing arts, food, recreation and more to help celebrate diversity in your community.

Learn more about Community Culture Programs.

Community and Culture Chairperson

The Community and Culture Chairperson helps cultivate the human qualities and values that stimulate individual creativity, enliven the community and animate the human spirit.

Learn more about the responsibilities of the Community and Culture Chairperson.

Community Needs Assessment

This guide helps assess the programs and services you provide your local community.

Download the Community Needs Assessment tool.

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Lions of New Zealand Address A Community Need

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