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International Contest

International Contest

The Lions Clubs International Contest provides Lions with the opportunity to showcase their hard work and creativity while sharing their accomplishments with others from around the world.

Contest Categories

The contest is comprised of two categories, including:

  • Newsletter (Bulletin)
  • Website

Entry Form

For official entry form and contest rules, view our International Contest Rules (PR-763). All entries for the contest are due to International Headquarters by May 1.

Contest Winners

Lions Clubs International will announce winners at the International Convention, in LION Magazine, and on the LCI website beginning in July.



Lions Club
First Place:  Baguio Lions Club, Baguio City, Philippines
Honorable Mention:  Chili Lions Club, Rochester, New York, USA
Honorable Mention:  Lome Saphir Lions Club Lome, TOGO
Honorable Mention:  Woodland Host Lions Club, Woodland California, USA
Honorable Mention:  Lakelure Lions Club, Lake Lure, North Carolina, USA

First Place:  District 107-A, Uusikaupunki, Finland
Honorable Mention:  District 19-A, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Honorable Mention:  District 4-C4, Foster City, California, USA
Honorable Mention:  District 5M-9, Underwood, Minnesota, USA
Honorable Mention:  District 4-C5, Woodland, California, USA


Lions Club
First Place:  Hanover Lions Club District A-9
Honorable Mention:  Baguio City Host Lions Club, District 301-C
Honorable Mention:  Millis Lions Club, District 33-K

First Place:  District 300-G2, Taoyuan County, Taiwan
Honorable Mention:  District 4-C4, California, USA
Honorable Mention:  District 117-A, Athen Greece

Multiple District
First Place:  MD 16, Clifton, New Jersey, USA
Honorable Mention:  MD U, Quebec, Canada
Honorable Mention:  MD 38, Nebraska, USA

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