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Club Twinning

Club Twinning

The International Club Twinning program promotes the association’s Third Purpose: To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world. Through this program Lions and Leos alike have the opportunity to formalize their friendships with clubs in other countries, learn about different cultures, exchange experiences and ideas about what it means to be a Lion, and add an international dimension to their service mission. Club Twinning is a voluntary and mutual agreement between two clubs (Lions with Lions, Leos with Leos) and can involve as much exchange and interaction as the two clubs desire.

Learning and Serving through Club Twinning

Club twinning is an excellent opportunity for Lions to and extend their service mission beyond their national borders. When possible, twinned clubs are encouraged to seek opportunities to serve together. With the help of social media and virtual communication tools clubs can plan a joint activity, report results, and share photos and stories with fellow Lions. Below are some tips on how to get started.

  • Set up a Facebook group where members can introduce themselves, keep in contact, post photos of club activities and service projects, etc.
  • Work together to develop a mission statement that outlines the purpose of the twinning relationship and what the two clubs wish to accomplish together.
  • Organize two identical and simultaneous service projects – one in each local community. Use Facebook, email and Skype to discuss ideas and share tips. After the projects are complete share photos and exchange experiences.
  • If possible, plan a visit to the twin club’s country and join in a service activity on-site. Or invite your twin club to join in an activity or event in your community.
  • Explore the possibility of organizing a health care, education or sanitation and clean water related mission to the twin club’s community and applying for an International Assistance Grant (IAG).
  • Remember to report twinning related service activities through MyLCI.

Review the Club Twinning Guidelines.

Apply for a Twinning Banner Patch Award.

For more information about international club twinning, please contact us.

Service Activities Division
Phone: 630-571-5466
Fax: 630-571-1692

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