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Literacy -- the ability to read and write -- is the foundation for education and social development.  Yet, hundreds of millions of adults lack minimum literacy skills and millions of school-aged children are not attending school to obtain them. 

The Reading Action Program is a 10-year commitment to increasing reading and literacy rates. It’s a call to action for every Lions club around the world to organize service projects and activities that underscore the importance of reading and address specific needs related to illiteracy within their own community.

Project Ideas and Resources

Literacy project ideas include supporting your local library, organizing a book drive or building a classroom for underserved children.

Plan a Literacy project in your community.

Literacy Partners

We are excited to partner with other organizations that make reading and literacy a focus of their work.

Learn more about our Literacy partners.

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Lions Can Make a Difference

Many clubs have already taken great strides to bridge the gaps in literacy and education.  The following segment of the LQ - Lions Quarterly Video Magazine shows how Tucson Downtown Lions Club of Arizona, USA, introduces reading into one of its ongoing activities.  The club promotes the importance of parents and children reading together, while addressing the need for healthy vision.  They donate books along with free eye exams for parents and their children.

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Reading and Literacy Summit

On May 1, 2013, LCI hosted a Reading and Literacy Summit that brought together organizations representing a cross section of intergovernmental agencies, international development nonprofits, specialized agencies, and for profit companies to share experience and identify synergies.

Share Your Story

To see what’s going on in the world of reading and literacy, check out the Reading Action Program section of the Lions Blog.

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