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Information for LOFY Chairpersons

Information for LOFY Chairpersons

Every day, Lions make an investment in the future by providing programs and opportunities for young adults to develop leadership skills.  The main role of the Lions Opportunities for Youth Chairperson is to support Lions in their youth engagement efforts and encourage them to expand their service impact.  They also serve as the liaison between Lions Clubs International, the district governor/council chairperson, and clubs regarding youth program activities.  

General Responsibilities:

  • Become familiar with Lions Clubs International youth programs and identify which ones are being implemented in your region.  A list of all available programs is provided below.
  • Establish and support club and district-level Lions Opportunities for Youth committees.
  • Provide a forum for appointed club-level youth program chairpersons to exchange ideas and coordinate activities.
  • Communicate the importance of empowering youth and encourage Lions clubs in your region to support additional youth programs and activities or expand the scope of existing programs.
  • Promote Lions youth activities on the district or multiple district website and through social media.
  • Promote the recognition awards available from Lions Clubs International for youth programs.
  • Report service projects activities to the district and multiple district, local media, MyLCI Service Activity Report, and Lions Clubs International social media.

Best Practices:

  • Coordinate a meeting of all youth program chairpersons at the district or multiple district convention for networking, project planning, and coordination.
  • Promote the Engaging Our Youth campaign during the month of August by recognizing Lions involved in LCI youth programs.


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