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Information for Services for Children Chairperson

Information for Services for Children Chairperson

Organize Service Projects for Children in Need

Organize service projects and activities for underserved children in your area by becoming a Lions Services for Children (LSC) chairperson in your club or district.  Motivate clubs to undertake service projects that:

  • Support efforts that aim to improve the lives of children and adolescents living in adverse circumstances. 
  • Provide programs and assistance to underserved children, such as: health screenings, provision of eyeglasses, hearing aids, or assistive technology to improve literacy, summer reading programs, immunizations, toy and clothing collections, school lunch and community feeding programs, support of recreational camps and sporting events for children with disabilities, and participation in global missions.

The LSC chairperson is appointed by the district governor; the multiple district LSC chairperson is appointed by the council chairperson.  By working together, the multiple district, district and club LSC chairpersons can organize effective service projects to improve the quality of life for children in need.   

Lions Services for Children Chairperson Responsibilities

Set goals:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current club-level and district level vision projects.
  • Develop goals and an overall district action plan.
  • Submit the plan for the district governor’s or council chairperson’s approval.

Communicate goals and project ideas:

  • Inform clubs through the multiple district or district websites, an open letter in the council chairperson’s or district governor’s newsletter, e-mails, letters, phone calls or personal visits.

Incorporate new project ideas contributed by clubs:

  • Encourage clubs to share news of their projects for underserved children.
  • Avoid duplication of local, regional or national programs.
  • Work with local health care professionals, educators, children’s agencies and organizations to determine community needs and provide the most appropriate services.   

Arrange seminars and workshops for club chairpersons:

  • Invite health care professionals, educators or representatives from children’s agencies or organizations to help motivate clubs to participate.
  • Discuss projects that can provide critical services to underserved children and adolescents.

Solicit feedback:

  • Find out how the district can further support clubs in planning projects for children in need.

Report children’s service projects to the district cabinet and to the local media:

  • Share news about projects with the multiple district or district public relations chairperson.
  • Use our Public Relations Guide to help publicize your projects.

Online Resources

A variety of tools and resources for the following programs are available to assist you in your role as Lions Services for Children chairperson:  

  • Project ideas:
    • Reading Action Program Project Ideas (iad552)
    • 25 Project Ideas to Serve Children (iad257)
    • 25 Ideas for Vision Service Projects (iad457)
    • 25 Project Ideas for Relieving the Hunger (iad459)
  • The Reading Action Program is call to action for every Lions club around the world to organize service projects and activities that underscore the importance of reading and address specific needs related to illiteracy within their own community.
  • The Lions Children First Program offers ideas and resources to implement hands-on service projects for underserved children, including four sample project sheets.
  • The Global Service Action campaigns, including “Sharing the Vision” and “Relieving the Hunger” can have a positive impact on children in your community.
  • The Children’s Symposium Program is an ideal way to gather community partners, educators and health care professionals to address the health and educational needs of underserved children in your district.
  • The Lions/UNICEF School-in-a-Box Program can provide a club or district with the opportunity to help contribute toward the education needs of children whose schooling has been disrupted by wars, disasters and other emergency situations.
  • Lions Children First Facebook enables you to stay in touch with fellow Lions around the world who are dedicated to serving the needs of disadvantaged children.  
  • Special days and events, such as International Literacy Day and World Diabetes Day can help to mobilize clubs throughout the district.
  • LCI partners and professional organizations can provide additional information and resources to enhance community awareness and action.  
  • Additional resources include:

LCIF Grant Funding

Learn more about the LCIF grants to assist children in need.  


District and multiple district chairpersons can receive awards in recognition of their service and support of the Lions Services for Children Program:    

  • On behalf of the Association, the council chairperson and district governor may present an award to the multiple district LSC chair or district LSC chair who has shown outstanding leadership in furthering the Lions Services for Children Program by meeting the multiple district or district award criteria, respectively.   

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