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Lions Children's Symposium Program

Lions Children's Symposium Program

The Lions Services for Children Symposium Program provides limited funding reimbursement for the organization of a district or multiple district symposium or conference that promotes activities supportive of Lions’ health and education services for children in need.

A Children’s Symposium is an effective way for Lions to:

  • develop collaborative relationships with governmental agencies, health care organizations, educators and others who are serving underprivileged children.
  • determine the types of services that are needed
  • determine various ways to get involved
  • implement new Lions projects
  • provide assistance to local programs currently in place

Resources for Lions Services for Children Symposium Program:

  • Refer to the Lions Services for Children Symposium Planning Guide (iad262) when considering hosting a symposium.
  • Qualifying districts or multiple districts may apply for expense reimbursement assistance by submitting the Application for Reimbursement (iad262a) at the back of the Guide.

Sample topics include:

  • Literacy and Education: Tools and Resources to Improve Literacy
  • Diabetes Needs:  Insulin, Medicine, Food Security, Recreational Camps and Diabetes Management Education
  • Street Children: Health, Education and Safety
  • Vision, Hearing and Other Health Needs
  • Assistance in Coping with Disabilities
  • Obesity in Children and Youth

Focus on Children's Literacy

The Reading Action Program focuses on increasing literacy and providing greater access to learning resources. You may wish to plan a children's symposium in your district or multiple district to address the specific needs related to illiteracy and to underscore the importance of reading in your area.

Children's Chairperson

The Lions Services for Children chairperson can play an important role in helping to organize and coordinate a children's symposium. He or she can work with a team of district or multiple district chairpersons, including the Public Relations, International Relations, Diabetes, Sight, Hearing, and Leo chairpersons.

Symposium Reimbursement

To help alleviate costs, Lions Clubs International provides expense assistance (reimbursement) for:

  • one (1) symposium per constitutional area and the Continent of Africa, per fiscal year.
  • approved symposium expenses incurred, up to US$2,000 per symposium.

Applications for funding reimbursement are approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

For More Information

Please contact the Programs & Service Initiative Department at Lions Clubs International.

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