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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

Please contact with any questions.

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YCE Host Lions Clubs

YCE Host Lions Clubs

Successful Youth Camp and Exchange (YCE) programs are those that have impeccable communication between all parties involved. For the host Lions clubs, this means working closely with the selected youth participant(s), host family(s) and the district or multiple district YCE Chairperson.  If a host Lions club does not have a district or multiple district YCE Chairperson, a club president will be required to sign for the youth applicant along with the district governor, and to work directly with the YCE Chairpersons in the sponsoring country to make all arrangements.

The following are general responsibilities for the host Lions club:

  • Verifying the youth applicant(s) have sufficient accident, life, personal property, health and liability insurance to cover all contingencies during travel to and from the camp and/or host family stay. 
  • Securing separate insurance coverage for the camp itself and the Lions involved.
  • Making arrangements for the youth participant’s arrival/departure, his/her welfare while in country, and his/her social and cultural entertainment throughout the visit
  • Recruiting and providing orientation to host families
  • Maintaining communications between the youth participants, sponsor Lions club, host family, and YCE Chairperson
  • Providing local transportation to events organized by the host Lions club
  • Ensuring that the YCE policy is followed
  • Ensuring compliance with local laws governing youth protection

Costs and Travel Arrangement Responsibilities

YCE Chairpersons - Travel arrangements for participants are usually made between the Lions YCE Chairpersons in the sponsor and host countries. Details are passed to sponsor/host Lions clubs and participants.

Sponsoring Lions club - Program costs may be paid by the sponsor Lions club, by the participant, the participant's family, or a combination of these sources.  If you will require your youth participant to raise funds, provide them with an official acceptance letter and other materials that will help them explain the program to donors.

Host Lions club – All arrangements for food and lodging are covered by the host Lions club during a youth’s stay in a host country.  This includes time in a host family stay and/or youth camp.

Youth participants are responsible for all personal expenses such as phone calls home, souvenirs, etc. Depending on the level of financial support offered by the sponsoring Lions club, the youth participant and his/her family may be responsible for airfare and other travel costs as well.

Recruiting Host Families

The host club recruits qualified host families from the Lions club, or non-Lions in the community. Requirements for host families include:

  • Persons who are in contact with youth of the same approximate age as the participant.
  • Knowledge of Lions clubs and the goals of YCE.
  • Adequate space in their home and finances to provide meals for a visitor.
  • A Host Family Application
  • Willingness to have their home and family situation reviewed to ensure youth safety and compatibility

Best Practices:

  • Write a press release about the YCE program requesting families who are interested in hosting a youth to contact the host Lions club.
  • Contact local schools and universities, especially the foreign language or international studies departments, with information about the YCE program to recruit young people.
  • Provide host families with a copy of the YCE policy and explain these guidelines in detail during the host family orientation.
  • Become familiar with the customs and expectations of the youth participants home country. Demonstrating sincere interest in the participants’ backgrounds will help in the bonding experience. This can also help mitigate potential adjustment challenges or culture shock.

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