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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

Please contact with any questions.

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Organize a Camp

Organize a Camp

Camp Organizing Committee

Establishing a committed and effective camp organizing committee is essential to the success of a Lions Youth Camp. Members of this committee define the camp's overall objectives as well as the following camp details: 

  • Camp program and activities
  • Camp rules
  • Camp location
  • Dates of the camp
  • Method of funding for the camp
  • Official language(s) of the camp
  • Entrance requirements for campers
  • Appropriate age range for prospective campers (a three-year age range is suggested)
  • Appropriate number of prospective campers (between 30 and 60 campers is suggested)
  • The need for hired staff

The camp organizing committee is also responsible for the following:

  • Creating job descriptions for camp leadership and staff positions including some or all of the following: camp director, finance chairperson, program chairperson, lodging chairperson, food/meals chairperson, transportation chairperson and host chairperson. Consider individuals with a passion for positive youth development for these positions (e.g.Lions, Omega Leos, former camp participants, local teachers, coaches, and athletic trainers, etc.)
  • Ensuring camp leadership informs all camp staff (in writing) about: camp goals, objectives and philosophy, camp rules, job descriptions, camp schedule, living conditions, use of automobiles and equipment and alcohol policy
  • Organizing a pre-camp training session with camp leaders to inform all staff about Lions clubs, characteristics of the selected age group, the role of staff members and first aid basics
  • Consulting with the Lions district/multiple district YCE Chairperson concerning all camp arrangements and details to be reported to the Programs and Service Initiatives Department for inclusion in the YCE Directory online  
  • Verifying that all camp participants have sufficient insurance
  • Working with the YCE Chairperson and district governor, council chairperson, or coordinating Lion to enter your local camp information on the YCE Information Submission Form to be certified by LCI and included in the YCE Directory.

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