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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

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Top Ten Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson Award

Top Ten Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson Award

The success of the Youth Camp and Exchange Program (YCE) can be attributed to the unwavering dedication of Lions members around the world who serve as YCE Chairpersons.  These individuals recognize and believe in the importance of developing youth into global citizens in order to have a more peaceful and just world in the future. They not only serve as travel, activity and safety coordinators, but as mentors and confidants for the youth and families participating in YCE. The annual Top Ten Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson Award recognizes and honors those Lions who go above and beyond their duties as YCE Chairpersons.

The following individuals were selected by the International Board of Directors for their service in positively impacting the lives of young people around the world and fulfilling the Lions Clubs International mission to encourage peace and international understanding through Lions clubs. 

The Top Ten Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson Awardees
(Serving in 2017-2018)

Ben August
District 27-D1
Wisconsin, USA
“My Favorite memory was watching the campers and counselors work together to come up with a peace symbol. They formed the word PEACE representing the mission of YCE – world peace through cultural understanding.” – Ben August

Matti Kärnän
District 107 G
“His enthusiasm is contagious and he has been an inspiration for new clubs to participate in the program. He shares his vision to increase peace and understanding between people.” – Erkki Honkala, Council Chairperson 2017-18

Camilla Castiglione
District 108 IA1
“To see [youth] grow from strangers to friends within a week, regardless of age, religion, sex or nationality, convinced me even more that a well carried out YCE Program can be the starting point of a better understanding among people.” – Camilla Castiglione

Margherita Muzzi
District 108 1B3
“To see [the youth] grow up and learn to share different customs and habits makes me proud. It makes them international men and women…more aware. It improves them and improves us too!” - Margherita Muzzi

Serkan Demirag
District 118K
“Lions Youth Camps and Exchange creates everlasting bonds between people, brings countries and cultures closer together.” - Serkan Demirag

Kenneth Ng
District 303
Hong Kong
“It was memorable to see how the campers from overseas, Hong Kong and Macao Lions and Leos, and the host families became very good friends with each other. Some of them cried when they bid farewell to each other at the closing party.” - Kenneth Ng

Kazuo Kanai
MD 333
“YCE is young people from all over the world touching foreign communities, deepening their mutual understanding with the visiting people, and cultivating an international sense of fraternity and cooperation.” - Kazuo Kanai

Tateo Yamauchi
MD 334
“Youth activities will become the cornerstone of world peace once again, as young people who grew up in various environments mutually try to understand and respect each other's culture, customs and languages through the YCE camps.” - Tateo Yamauchi

Hiromu Yoshida
MD 335
“The wealth of knowledge doesn’t come with just [attending a camp] to enjoy, but in experiencing both the joy and hardships for the first time in living and bonding with other participants. That experience is the greatest asset when [the youth] become independent in society.” - Hiromu Yoshida

Yasutaka Nagai
MD 336
“Yasutaka had a goal to implement YCE training by each region and establish a YCE activity fund. Yasutaka was the instructor for three regions, and all regions conducted the training. The YCE activity fund now provides clubs an opportunity to engage in YCE programs even when they lack funds.” – Hiroshi Otani, Council Chairperson 2017-18

Nominate Your Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson!

All official district and multiple district YCE chairpersons are eligible for the Top Ten Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson Award. Council chairpersons and district governors of single districts are encouraged to nominate the outstanding chairperson that served during the camp and exchange period in the previous fiscal year. Some considerations for this award include:

  • Exceptional service and dedication to the ideal of developing global citizens

  • Promotion of peace, international understanding and goodwill through the Youth Camp and Exchange Program

  • Number of youth hosted and sponsored for Lions youth camps and/or exchanges

  • Innovative ways to include service, youth leadership, and/or the integration of other LCI youth programs or LCI Global Causes into YCE programming. 

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