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Information for Childhood Cancer Chairperson

Information for Childhood Cancer Chairperson

Childhood Cancer Chairpersons serve at the district and multiple district levels, and are appointed by the district governor or council chairperson, respectively. Childhood Cancer Chairpersons support Lions and Leos engaged or interested in projects to expand access to life-saving treatment and provide support to the children and families who face childhood cancers. They may collaborate with leadership throughout the organization, including the Global Service Team (GST).


Become the topic expert for your district/multiple district by learning about childhood cancers.

  • Become familiar with childhood cancer via the World Health Organization (WHO):  Questions and Answers about Childhood Cancers.
  • Explore MyLION, MyLCI, LCI/LCIF’s social media sites, and the annual Leo Video Contest to learn more about how Lions and Leos are addressing similar challenges and opportunities in their communities.


Bring your knowledge to the local level by exploring how childhood cancer is directly impacting your district/multiple district.

  • Conduct a Community Needs Assessment with a special focus on childhood cancer.
  • Contact your local department of public health, children’s hospital, childhood cancer registry, and other relevant organizations to learn about the needs of local children with cancer and their families.
  • Identify organizations, including Lions and Leos Clubs in your district/multiple district, which are already mobilized, and assess where there are gaps in the services provided.


Based upon what you have learned and discovered, submit a plan of action including recommended service goals for childhood cancer to the district governor/council chairperson for approval. In this process, you may wish to:

  • Meet with organizations already working on childhood cancer to discuss how you might support, expand upon, or compliment their ongoing work.
  • Consider incorporating Twinning as a way to increase your local and global impact.
  • Discuss your service plan with the GST Coordinator and other leaders, including other programmatic chairpersons, for their feedback. It is possible they are already implementing a project that would benefit from inclusion of a childhood cancer-related service element.


Inspiring Lion and Leo clubs in your district/multiple district to serve and report their service to MyLCI will be critical to the success of your plan.

  • Guide clubs in your district/multiple district through the “Learn, Discover, Act” journey as it pertains to childhood cancer.
    • Club Education & Awareness Activities (Coming soon!)
    • Childhood Cancer Project Idea List (Coming soon!)
  • Build awareness of the need, the goals and the service plan by offering a childhood cancer-focused seminar during district/multiple district convention, and hands-on service activity on February 15, International Childhood Cancer Day.
  • Encourage clubs/districts to utilize Childhood Cancer Project Blueprints (Coming soon!) to implement turn-key projects that will increase their level of community engagement.
  • Promote funding opportunities offered through LCI and LCIF that might support club/district childhood cancer projects.
  • Formalize partnerships with other organizations to enhance local impact.
  • Organize a district/multiple district donation to LCIF for childhood cancer to increase global impact.  
  • Establish and maintain open communication with the district governor, council chairperson and Global Service Team (GST) leaders.


  • Encourage clubs to thoroughly report their childhood cancer projects using MyLCI.
  • Keep the district governor/council chairperson and GST Coordinator informed. Discuss and evaluate progress of the action plan and goals.
  • Share news about childhood cancer projects with the Public Relations Chairperson.
  • Celebrate progress and success by recognizing all participating clubs.

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