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The mission of the Sight Preservation, Awareness and Action program is to provide programs and assistance to those who have partial or complete loss of sight and to work to eliminate preventable and reversible blindness.

Below are resources and project ideas to help you make a difference.

Recycle Eyeglasses

Starting an eyeglass collection in your community can be an easy and rewarding activity that will raise your club's visibility, repurpose usable glasses and recycle those that can no longer be used.

Learn more about Recycling Eyeglasses.

Vision Screenings

By organizing a vision screening, you can help identify people with possible vision problems and address their eye health issues before they cause vision loss.

Learn how to plan a Vision Screening.

Eye Banks

Eye banks recover, evaluate, store and distribute human eye tissue for vision restoration, research and education.

Learn how to get involved with Lions Eye Banks.

Eye Health

The Lions Eye Health Program (LEHP) is a community-based education program empowering Lions to promote healthy vision and raise awareness of the causes of preventable vision loss.

Learn more about promoting Eye Health.

Sight Chairperson

Organize vision service projects in your area by becoming a sight chairperson in your club, district or multiple district.

Learn more about the responsibilities of the Sight Chaiperson.

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Sharing the Vision Centennial Service Challenge

Plan a Sharing the Vision project at any time during the year and report your activity via MyLCI as a part of our #LIONS100 Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving more than 100 million people by 2018!

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