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Ab 1. Januar 2018 werden Clubgründungsanträge nur noch online über MyLCI angenommen. Diese Änderung wird den Clubgründungsprozess beschleunigen und entspricht den im Oktober 2016 verabschiedeten Vorstandsdirektiven. Falls Sie Fragen haben sollten, wenden Sie sich bitte an

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Redistrict to Improve District and Club Administration

Redistrict to Improve District and Club Administration

Your district needs to run at a peak performance level to best support healthy clubs.  In order to maximize the efforts of district leadership, it may become necessary to restructure to operate in a more effective and efficient manner.   The redistricting process is designed to accomplish that task.  

The policy was recently revised to ensure that the process is communicated clearly to the clubs and the proposal is finalized using a standardized due process. The International Constitution and By-Laws and the Board Policy Manual itemize policy and process criteria for a district or multiple district to prepare a redistricting proposal for approval by the International Board of Directors.  

There are some useful tools available to assist you if your district is considering redistricting.  

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