Membership Operations Forms and Publications

Download forms and publications that help strenghthen your club's membership.


Inviting New Members   

  • Be Part of Something that Matters Brochure (ex801)
  • Bringing Lionesses into the Family: A Guide to Lioness Invitation (mklp2)
  • Champions Lions Club Brochure (ex546)
  • Club Brochure Template (mk20a, available online only)
  • Family Lions Cub Program Brochure (mpfm37)
  • Cub Program Activity Guide (mpfm33)
  • Guide to Recruiting Young Adults (ex800)
  • I Am A Lion (me37)
  • Just Ask! New Member Recruiting Guide for Clubs (me300)
  • Leo Lion Program Flyer (ll1)
  • Lioness Bridge Program Brochure (mklp1)
  • Lions Make a Difference (me40)
  • Membership Application (me6b)
  • Membership Opportunities (me105)
  • Mission Statement & Code of Ethics Pocket Folder (me33)
  • We Are Lions Recruiting Poster (ex209)
  • Worldwide Induction Day Planning Guide (mk61)
  • Your Family Can Make a Difference (mpfm8)

Membership Orientation and Development

  • Membership and New Club Publications and Awards (me46)
  • New Member Induction Ceremonies (me22)
  • New Member Orientation Training Guide (me13)
  • New Member Orientation Guide (me13a)
  • New Member Orientation PowerPoint (me13b, available online only)
  • New Member Welcome Book (nm9, available online only)
  • Sponsorship is an Important Responsibility (me21)

Membership Satisfaction

  • How are your Ratings? – Administrative Guide (me15)
  • How are your Ratings? – Questionnaire (me15b)
  • How Are Your Ratings? Results Template (me15c, available online only)
  • Membership Satisfaction Guide (me301)

Leadership Development

  • Lions Advanced Mentoring Guide (mtr12)
  • Lions Basic Mentoring Guide (mtr11)

Club Officer or Committee Materials

  • 30 Marketing Ideas (mk97, available online only)
  • Club Membership Chairperson Guide (me44)
  • Club Organization Chart (DA-MCS, available online only)

Club Growth Awards

  • Membership Key Program Brochure (me36, available online only)
  • Year Round Growth Program Brochure (yrg15, available online only)

District Information

  • District Organizational Chart (DA-MDS, available online only)
  • Lions Organization Chart (intlassoclionsclubs, available online only)

Membership Forms

  • LCI Membership Application (me6b)
  • Monthly Membership Report (c23a)
  • Reinstated Lions Service Credit (mh101)
  • Report of over 30 New Members (me100)
  • Transfer Member Form (me20)

Certification Forms

  • Family Unit Certification Form (tk30)
  • Student Member Certification Form (stu5)
  • Leo to Lion Certification and Years of Service Transfer Form (ll2)

Lioness Forms

  • Lioness Conversion Program – Historical Record (lp3)

To order materials, contact the Membership and New Club Operations Department.