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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

Please contact with any questions.

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District Governors

District Governors

District Governor Responsibilities

The district governor (DG) is the chief administrative officer of the district and serves as the district governor team leader. The by-laws of the District Constitution and By-laws state a district governor’s responsibilities include:

  • Administer and promote membership growth and new club development.
  • Aadminister and promote leadership development at the club and district levels.
  • Preside, when present, over cabinet, convention and other district meetings.
  • Promote harmony among the chartered Lions clubs.
  • Ensure that each Lions club in the district be visited by the district governor or other district officer once every year to facilitate successful administration of the club.
  • Perform such other functions and acts as shall be required of him/her by the International Board of Directors.

Visit our District e-Book for more helpful information

Club Rebuilding and Reactivation

Lions Clubs International offers multiple levels of support to help strengthen struggling clubs or bring clubs back to a viable strength.  See Rebuilding, Reactivation and Priority Designation Clubs for more informaiton.

Guiding Lion Program

The Guiding Lion Program is designed to assist clubs that are newly chartered, established or determined as priority designation. Guiding Lions are assigned for a two-year term by the district governor in consultation with the sponsoring or established club president. Guiding Lions are limited to serving no more than two new clubs at any point in time.

District Governor Resources

The LCI website offers a wealth of resources for district governors. Use the links below to help navigate your way through the site and to find the forms, publications and information you need.

For the DG Team


  • LCI Grants
    • Leo Leadership Grant Program and Application (Leo_Leadership_Grant_A.pdf)
    • Lions Family and Women Symposium Program Planning Guide (mp101.pdf)
    • Lions Services for Children Symposium Program Planning Guide  (iad262.pdf)
    • Lions Services for Children Symposium Reimbursement Application (iad262a.pdf)
    • Membership Grant Application (mga.pdf)
    • Public Relations Matching Grant Program (pr9221.pdf)
  • LCIF Grants and Applications
    • How to Apply for an LCIF International Assistance Grant (lcif110.pdf)
    • How to Apply for an LCIF Standard Grant (lcif109.pdf)
    • LCIF Grant Programs Brochure (lcif122a.pdf)
    • LCIF International Assistance Grant Application (iag1.pdf)
    • LCIF SightFirst Grant Application Guide (sf203.pdf)
    • LCIF SightFirst Brochure (lcif122.pdf)
    • LCIF Standard Grant Criteria Application (lcif27.pdf)
    • Melvin Jones Fellowship Application Form (lcif42m.pdf)


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