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Beginning January 1, 2018, club charter applications will only be accepted online via MyLCI. This change will expedite the club chartering process and is in accordance with board policy adopted in October 2016.

Please contact with any questions.

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Leo Club Advisory Panel

Leo Club Advisory Panel

The Leo Club Program Advisory Panel is a communication vehicle for Leos and Lions to share their ideas about the Leo Club Program with Lions Clubs International.

Advisory panelists represent Leos and Lions in their respective constitutional area and serve as ambassadors for the Leo Club Program. If you have ideas about the Leo Club Program, share them with your panelists. 

The Leo Club Program Advisory Panel is comprised of two Lions and two Leos from each constitutional area and the Continent of Africa. Each fiscal year, one Lion and one Leo from each area are selected to serve a two-year term.

Are you interested in serving as a representative for the Leo Club Program in your constitutional area? Submit a Leo Application or Lion Application before January 15 for the two-year term beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2020.

Current Advisory Panelists 

 Constitutional Area I

Lion Melanie HunterLion Melanie Hunter - California, USA

Lion Melanie has been serving her community since age 9. She developed a Youth Leadership Institute in her multiple district and aims to foster Leo to Lion transitions. Email Melanie

Lion Lauren Bernard(Former Alpha Leo) Lion Lauren Bernard - Missouri, USA

Lion Lauren co-founded the Barstow Leo Club to connect students to the broader service community. She currently serves on the USA/Canada Leo Leadership Forum Board and the Youth Engagement Ad Hoc Committee. Email Lauren

Lion Cary GreenLion Cary Green - Indiana, USA

Lion Cary is excited to use over 20 years of experience developing leadership and soft skills in young people to make a positive contribution to the Leo Club Program. Email Cary

Leo Elise Kratzer(Alpha) Leo Elise Kratzer - California, USA

Leo Elise is the founder and president of her Leo club and also the co-founder and vice president of Leo District 4-C4. She loves sharing her passion for service and leadership. Email Elise

Constitutional Area II

Leo Kyle Boutilier(Alpha) Leo Kyle Boutilier - BC, Canada

As Leo club president, Leo Kyle recruited 30 new members and revitalized his club. He enjoys volunteering and making a difference in his community. Email Kyle

Lion Glynnis BoulleLion Glynnis Boulle - BC, Canada

Lion Glynnis is a 6 year veteran of the Leo Club Program. As a member of the Leo Advisory Panel, she looks forward to making positive changes which will help Leos achieve their goals. Email Glynnis

Leo Giulia Espiritu(Alpha) Leo Giulia Espiritu - BC, Canada

Leo Giulia has enjoyed serving as a Leo while positively impacting her community. She looks forward to continuing her personal development and broadening her network as a Leo Advisory Panelist. Email Giulia

Constitutional Area III

Lion Nohemy Gutierrez MonroyLion Nohemy Gutierrez Monroy - Mexico

Lion Nohemy was a charter member of her Leo club and previously served as the Leo multiple district president. As a Lion, she continues to support the Leo Club Program and remains a Leo at heart. Email Nohemy

Leo Marco Guzman Romero(Omega) Leo Marco Guzman Romero - Peru

Leo Marco has served as a Leo for 8 years. He is a former Leo MD President and attended many Leo Latin American Forums. He has a Master's degree in International Relations and currently works as a business consultant. Email Marco

Lion Andrea Gabriela MolinaLion Andrea Gabriela Molina - Guatemala

Lion Andrea is a former Leo. She has served as district Leo chairperson and helped form six Leo clubs. Lion Andrea is excited to work with Leos and Lions to support the Leo Club Program. Email Andrea

Leo Juan Manuel (Omega) Leo Juan Manuel "Pollo" Cáceres - Uruguay

Leo Juan has been involved with the Leo Club Program since 2008 as both an Alpha and Omega Leo. He hopes to contribute to the positive development of youth and build the capacity of Leo clubs to serve as a space for both personal and professional growth. Email Juan

Constitutional Area IV

Lion Christoph MojenLion Christoph Mojen - Germany

Lion Christoph is District 111 ON Leo Chairperson. He hopes to investigate opportunities to engage more Leos and encourage Leo to Lion transitions. Email Christoph

Leo Oona Ståhle(Omega) Leo Oona Ståhle - Finland

Leo Oona has served as a Leo for 10 years with many great memories attending and organizing international Leo events. Email Oona

Lion Stéphane MiquelLion Stéphane Miquel - France

Lion Stéphane believes Leos are engaged volunteers. With seven years of experience, he has worked diligently to build strong relationships between Leos and Lions. He looks forward to continuing his support for the Leo Club Program, supporting large-scale projects developed by Leos and welcoming new members into the association. Email Stéphane

(Omega) Leo Andrej Marsic(Omega) Leo Andrej Marsic - Slovenia

Leo Andrej describes the Leo Club Program as "incomparable to anything has shaped me into the person I am today." He looks forward to sharing the uniqueness of the Leo movement in Europe and learning more from Leos in other parts of the world. Email Andrej 

Constitutional Area V

Lion Cecilia LokeLion Cecilia Loke - Malaysia

Lion Cecilia joined the Ipoh City Lions Club in 1993. In 1994, she helped create the SMJK Poi Lam Leo Club. Lion Cecilia currently serves as district Leo chairperson and has organized several leadership events for Leos. She enjoys working with young people and is passionate about their development into adulthood. Email Cecilia

(Omega) Leo Tze Cheng Wong(Omega) Leo Tze Cheng Wong - Malaysia

Leo Tze Cheng is a former Alpha Leo. Upon graduating high school, he organized a new Omega Leo club at his university in 2006. Email Tze Cheng

Lion See Yow FooLion See Yow Foo - Malaysia

Lion See Yow Foo has 10 years of experience working with Leo clubs. He looks forward to sharing that experience with panelists from around the world. Email See Yow Foo

(Omega) Leo Cheng Yung (Omega) Leo Cheng Yung "Bobby" Wong - Singapore

Leo "Bobby" has served as a Leo for more than 10 years. He hopes to build deeper connections among Leos around the world, while also focusing on further developing his leadership skills as an advisory panelist. Email Bobby

Constitutional Area VI

Lion Saiful IslamLion Saiful Islam - People's Republic of Bangladesh

Lion Saiful is a former Leo charter member of the Dhaka University Leo Club. He previously served as Leo District and MD President. He now serves as District Leo Chairperson in District 315 A1. Email Saiful

(Omega) Leo Aayush Bagla(Omega) Leo Aayush Bagla - India

Leo Aayush's parents met while serving as Leos. He followed in their footsteps and became a Leo in 2008. He has held several leadership positions and received the Leos of the Year Award in 2014-15. Email Aayush

Lion Praveen AgarwalLion Praveen Agarwal - India

Lion Praveen served as a Leo in the early 1990s. He continues supporting Leos as district Leo chairperson. He looks forward to engaging both Leos and young Lions as a member of the Leo Advisory Panel. Email Praveen

(Omega) Leo Viluckshi Ravindran(Omega) Leo Viluckshi Ravindran - Sri Lanka

Leo Viluckshi credits the Leo Club Program with grooming her into a successful leaders and further developing her potential to make the world a better place. She has served as a Leo for 14 years and is thrilled to represent her area while continuing to improve Leo clubs. Email Viluckshi

Leo Rajitha Abeygunasekara(Omega) Leo Rajitha Abeygunasekara - Sri Lanka

Leo Rajitha believes the most valuable thing he has learned as a Leo is situational leadership. He is most excited about serving beyond the boundaries of his country and engaging with Leos from many other cultures. Email Rajitha

Constitutional Area VII

Lion Noelene BirnieLion Noelene Birnie - Australia

Lion Noelene is the District Leo Chairperson for District 201 V3. She has over 40 years of experience working with youth. She enjoys working with teens and has dedicated her adult life to volunteering. Email Noelene

Leo Katerina Blekic(Omega) Leo Katerina Blekic - Australia

Leo Katerina is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Community Development with an interest in Indigenous Community Engagement. She has been volunteering since age 10. Leo Katerina believes nothing is more rewarding than seeing others grow and develop. Email Katerina

Lion Des SawyerLion Des Sawyer - Australia

Lion Des has served as a Leo club advisor for 10 years. He has experience with both Alpha and Omega Leo clubs. He is proud to serve on the panel with others committed to the Leo Club Program. Email Des

Leo Saskia Lane(Alpha) Leo Saskia Lane - New Zealand

Leo Saskia is the charter president of her Leo club. She hopes to help other young people start Leo clubs and experience the satisfaction of being a part of a group with a great sense of community and purpose. Email Saskia

Continent of Africa

Lion Dr. Patrick Ene-OkonLion Dr. Patrick Ene-Okon - Nigeria

Lion Patrick served as a Leo for 4 years before joining a Lions club in 1987. He is a Past District Governor and currently serves as MD Leo chairperson. Lion Patrick takes an active interest in working for and with young people. Email Patrick

Leo Junior Kazadi(Omega) Leo Junior Kazadi - Democratic Republic of Congo

Leo Junior is a charter member of his Leo club and also serves as the President of Leo District 409. He believes that the future of Lions clubs is in the hands of Leos. Email Junior

Lion Shehzan LuharLion Shehzan Luhar - Kenya

Lion Shehzan served as a Leo for 7 years before becoming a Lion. He hopes to share his experience with other Leos and Lions and encourage Leos in their initiatives. Email Shehzan

Leo Shahenda Refaat(Omega) Leo Shahenda Refaat - Egypt

Leo Shahenda says that her life changed completely after joining her Leo club. She is excited to meet more Leos and share her 9 years of experience with Leo clubs. Email Shahenda

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