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Zone and Region Chairpersons

Zone and Region Chairpersons

The Zone and Region Chairperson Center makes it easy to access information that is relevant to zone and region chairpersons. The following resources are available:


Zone and Region Chairpersons have the opportunity to achieve special presidential awards to recognize their role as a key member of the DG Team!

Click here to access information, deadlines and applications!


  • Zone Chairpersons Manual –This guide outlines the roles and responsibilities of the position, provides a sample meeting agenda, other relevant information to help manage the zone.
  • Region Chairpersons Manual –This helpful guide includes the role and responsibilities of the region chairperson as well as information to help manage the region.
  • Zone Chairperson Training – The online zone chairperson training consists of four independent study modules that focus on the rols and responsibilities of the zone chairperson. Zone chairpersons are encouraged to contact their GLT district coordinator to learn about additional instructor-led training workshops for this position.
  • Model District Governor’s Advisory Meetings ( Zone Meetings) This guide provides model agendas, resources and suggested presentations as well as includes tips to increase attendance and participation for an effective and meaningful meeting.
  • Excellence Awards – Based on the core keys to success – service, membership growth, communication and club management – the award is more than a pin, it is a pathway to club success.

Accessing Information About the Clubs in the Zone or Region

Once the zones and regions (if applicable) are created and zone and regions chairs are assigned by the district governor, zone and region chairs will receive instructions on how to access the club membership statistics, review activity reports and report signature projects.

For more information, go to MyLCI.

Helpful Tools for Club Development

  • Certified Guiding Lion Program – Newly revised, this course will help zone or region chairpersons develop a strategy for assisting new and existing clubs and acquaints them with the latest materials for club success. It is recommended that all zone and region chairpersons take the course.
  • Lions Mentoring Program – Every zone or region chairperson is a mentor; the Lions Mentoring Program will help these key leaders make a positive impact on the Lions they lead.
  • Lion Learning Center – This online resource features courses related to leadership, managing others, achieving success and communication.
  • Global Membership Team (GMT) and Global Leadership Team (GLT) Initiatives – Members of the GMT and GLT at the district and multiple district levels can provide information and assistance to clubs in the areas of membership growth and leadership development. It is recommended that members of these teams be invited to District Governor's Advisory Committee Meetings.

For More Information

For further assistance, contact the District and Club Administration Division.

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