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Club Management Resources

Club Management Resources

Whether you’re promoting your next club service project or overseeing club finances, the following resources are available to help you manage your club.

For Club Officers

Manuals and Guides/Governance



IRS Tax Forms USA


  • How to Apply for an LCIF International Assistance Grant (lcif110.pdf)
  • How to Apply for an LCIF Standard Grant (lcif109.pdf)
  • LCIF Donation Recognition Programs (lcif42r.pdf)
  • LCIF Grant Programs Brochure (lcif122a.pdf)
  • LCIF International Assistance Grant Application (iag1.pdf)
  • LCIF SightFirst Brochure (lcif122.pdf)
  • LCIF SightFirst Grant Application Guide (sf203.pdf)
  • LCIF Standard Grant Criteria Application (lcif27.pdf)
  • Melvin Jones Fellowship Application Form (lcif42m.pdf)

LCI Grants

  • Leo Leadership Grant Program and Application (leo600.pdf)
  • Membership Grant Application (mga.pdf)
  • Lions Family and Women Symposium Program Planning Guide (mp101.pdf)

For Administrative Committees


Club Branch

Leadership Development

Public Relations

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