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Online Course Category: Communication

Online Course Category: Communication

Browse through the available course descriptions below. When you find a course you want to take, go to the Course Registration Page.

For course recommendations based on Lions position, click here.

Note: The Lions Learning Center (LLC) is a separate system from WMMR/MyLCI.  To create an account and log into the LLC you will use your Lions Member ID number and create your own Password.

  • Effective Listening: As a speaker, you expect your audience's undivided attention. As an audience member, do you give your undivided attention to the speaker? In this course you will learn to be an effective listener. Through engaging activities, you will learn about listening styles, the positive outcomes of listening effectively, and the skills needed to be an effective listener in everyday life.
  • Public Speaking: This course presents how to prepare a speech and how to deliver a speech effectively. Included in the course are practical tips and checklists, as well as examples. Depending on your experience, you can use this course to review or to learn a new leadership skill- public speaking.
  • Public Relations: This course defines public relations and presents the benefits for Lions clubs. You’ll learn what makes an event newsworthy and how to communicate key messages about Lions clubs. You will create an elevator speech and a public relations plan. You will discover the numerous public relations resources that you can use.

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