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Online Course Category: Managing Others

Online Course Category: Managing Others

Browse through the available course descriptions below. When you find a course you want to take, go to the Course Registration Page.

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Note: The Lions Learning Center (LLC) is a separate system from WMMR/MyLCI.  To create an account and log into the LLC you will use your Lions Member ID number and create your own Password.

  • Coaching: In this course you will learn the meaning of coaching and the benefits of coaching for Lions and the communities. Through examples and activities, you will see the common characteristics of effective coaches. The course provides a simple five-step coaching process for your use.
  • Conflict Resolution: Conflict is a part of everyday life. In this course we look at the causes of conflict and at a variety of strategies that can be used to resolve conflict. We will learn our own basic style of conflict management and the situations where a different style may be more appropriate. Finally, we will study the collaborative approach to conflict resolution and be introduced to a seven-step process for resolving conflict where everyone is a winner in the end.
  • Delegation: This course illustrates the definition of delegation and the benefits of delegation. After assessing your level of delegation, the steps of successful delegation are presented as well as the challenges. Course activities and practical worksheets will help you increase your use of delegation.
  • Effective Teams: This course will help you understand the characteristics of effective teams, the stages of team development, how leaders can support teams, and how to use good decision-making methods. You'll find assessment tools to evaluate your team, tips for team leaders, and interesting activities to motivate and energize your Lions teams.
  • Member Motivation: In this course, Professor Kazantis introduces you to theories of human motivation. Lion Michael explains how these theories relate to examples of meeting member needs and motivating club members. You will be challenged to use this information in your personal plan to motivate members.
  • Valuing Member Diversity: To address the changing face of volunteerism, this course examines the concept of diversity as it applies to our association. It emphasizes how diversity benefits Lions clubs, explores how to recruit and retain diverse members, and challenges the learner to support a culture of pluralism.
  • Team Motivation: By building on each team member’s personal motivation, a team leader can influence the level of motivation of a team. Learn about the 50/50 rule and five strategies a leader can utilize to motivate a team which will increase the level of team results by up to 37%. As the five motivation strategies are presented, you will also see a Lions project team in action.

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